PLASTICZOOMS, after the tour… thank you!

PLASTICZOOMS 2016 After tour-1.jpgHIGHFeeL is glad to announce further works with the brilliant Japanese band PLASTICZOOMS. HIGHFeeL and PLASTICZOOMS have built over the past 3 months an excellent relationship and are looking forward to a continued fruitful collaboration. They want to deeply thank every media, partner, promoter, fan and friend involved in the recent European tour.



Recent press review:

“PLASTICZOOMS are like two bands in one: a guitar band with a ‘one, two, three, go!’ songs and an electronic band with distinctive vocals and unfailing bass. Beneath their image lay songs with flawless composition and perfectionism in their execution.”

Alive Reports, Belgium /

Rock Fanatics, Germany:

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Live report by 2 fans in Belgium:

There are bands, and there are bands. It started as a casual thing; we would go to Brussels to look at a band named PLASTICZOOMS for the first time. My expectations weren’t too high, considering that I had never listened to their music before. Oh boy, I had no idea what I was in for. After a while of losing face in front of my girlfriend playing table-soccer, she points out the singer of the band to me for the first time. Sho Asakawa. I instantly admired his style, somewhat dramatic and different from most J-bands I had seen before. I already began to look forward to seeing the band perform. I saw Tom Takanashi, the guitarist, and wondered how on earth he even saw where he was walking with those sunglasses on in an already dark café, but it suits him and brings an aura of mystique to his presence. Jun Yokoe, the bassist of the band is definitely the cutest of the band in my book at least.

It wasn’t long before the band took over the small stage and they absolutely blew us away. The first song already had us bouncing on our seats, their innovative, new-wave sound quickly catching on. Sho’s dance moves will hype anyone up, dramatic just as I expected. He has a rough voice and fair enough, his English sometimes had us grin because of the heavy Japanese accent laced into his words- but after a while, it’s like a language on its own and you start to love the slur of words and become quite fond of it. Guitarist Tom has a very serious persona on stage, but he works his guitar so hard you can’t help but admire the skills behind it. Jun’s bass reverberates in your chest, I absolutely loved every carefully aimed shockwave it sent into the crowd. I haven’t felt that much energy coming off of a stage in a long time. After the live, the band was kind enough to sign CD’s and whatnot, as well as take selfies with the fans. It was nice to see a band so interactive with their fans, it just concludes an awesome live in the best possible way.

One live led us towards five more, we saw the guys again in Cologne, Lille, Paris, Liege and Berlin! There were about 8 to ten people attending the live in Cologne and yet the guys still gave the best performance they could have given, really showing their intent to promote their music and how humble they really are. The more lives we attended, the more we got to know the group PLASTICZOOMS and it’s fair to say they quickly took over a spot in our hearts. Not only is their music incredibly addictive and FUN, their personalities really shine on stage and also off of it. As much as I appreciate them as an indie band, I really want these guys to make it big and for their dreams to come true. I want to thank them for showing us so much passion and for making us feel so alive and for all the laughter before and after their performances.

To Sho, continue to believe in your dreams and know that there are fans who will support you in whatever you decide to do with your career!

To Tom, don’t forget to smile!

To Jun, I hope to get to know you better next tour and please never get a haircut.

PLASTICZOOMS, GANBATTE KUDASAI! We will be waiting to stalk support your tour and to enjoy your lives once again!

With love,

Rin and Tiny from Brussels.