Upcoming Tours with haru, SVGV and S!N

Dear media partners, customers and friends,
once again, thank you for your support to all the projects HIGHFeeL and its booking division REALive carried and achieved during the first half of the year 2017. While we were busy with the promotion of PLASTICZOOMS, the recording and release of their album, their incredible tour, the amazing tour “10th anniversary” with G.L.A.M.S and Mikaru, we could always count on you, so “THANK YOU” again! Let’s J-Rock again together next time!
But at first, it’s time for us to take a short break, as always in July*, and to come back in August/September with new projects, new artists!
In September, HIGHFeeL will promote and produce the tour and the next release of a brand-new artist from Japan called S!N, while the Korean-Japanese duo SVGV (=SAGA) will come back to Europe for a few shows!
We also booked the vocalist haru, from the Japanese band “universe”, for an upcoming show at the festival Abunai! in The Netherlands, in August. A short tour will follow.
Here are all the dates!

*Our webshop will be open during July, but the deliveries (for CD’s and merchandise) will be postponed until the end of August. About the tickets: as all our concerts tickets are completely digital, there is no change during the summer break.

AUGUST 2017: haru from universe EU TOUR 2017 “I”

Vocalist haru will perform special solo concerts in several cities throughout Europe at the end of summer 2017 to debut music from his band, « universe ». He will be the main musical guest at the festival Abunai! in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, and will perform several shows in France, Belgium and Germany. haru and universe are best known for the single “Echoes,” the theme song for the Japanese anime “Bleach”.

haru from universe EU TOUR 2017 “I”
AUG 19 : Essen (DE), Loca71
AUG 20 : Berlin (DE), Marie-Antoinette
AUG 23 : Lomme (Lille)(FR), Bobble Café
AUG 25 : Paris (FR), Cats’Eyes Café
AUG 26 : Veldhoven (NL), Abunai!
AUG 27 : Liège (BE), Le Garage (with SVGV)

Venues, timing and infos on http://highfeel.jp/events or http://www.facebook.com/realiveofficial

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/universe.japanofficial/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/universe_haru
OHP : http://www.universe-official.com/


We are glad and honoured to work again with the Asian Electro Unit SVGV (ex-SAGA) in Europe! At the end of August, SVGV will come back to France, to perform as the main musical guest at the festival “Otak’Est”, in the city of Pontarlier, then will perform several shows in Belgium, Poland, France and Germany! Their new album will be available for the European market at that time! Tririon and Ramy from SVGV, with their catchy tunes and their talent, are the perfect combo to make this summer hotter than ever!

Tour dates:

  • August 26: Pontarlier, France, Otak’Est
  • August 27: Liege, Belgium, Le Garage (with haru)
  • Sept 1 : Lille, France, Bobble Café
  • Sept 2 : Saint-Quay-Portieux, France, to be announced
  • Sept 3 Paris, France, Cat’s Eyes Café
  • Sept 8: Poznan, Poland, Klub Pod Minoga
  • Sept 9: Warsaw, Poland, Voodoo Club
  • Sept 10: Berlin, Germany, Marie-Antoinette

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SVGVASIA/
OHP : http://svgv.asia/
INFO/TICKET: http://highfeel.jp/events


We are glad to begin collaborating with Japanese singer and composer S!N for his first tour in Europe. S!N is quickly gaining popularity in Japan thanks to his music, tours and strong internet presence, and we are honoured to introduce his project to an international audience.We’ll organize the first solo shows of S!N for September 2017.


  • SEP 21, 2017: Vienna (Austria) – Replugged
  • SEP 22, 2017: Munich (Germany) – Garage Deluxe
  • SEP 23, 2017: Prague (Czech Republic) – Chapeau Rouge
  • SEP 24, 2017: Poznan (Poland) – Klub pod Minoga
  • SEP 27, 2017: Liège (Belgium) – Le Garage
  • SEP 29, 2017: Lille (France) – DIY Café
  • SEP 30, 2017: Paris (France) – Paris Manga (Porte de Versailles)

Tickets & info: https://highfeel.jp/events

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