3 questions with Satsuki

satsukiThe very elegant singer and composer Satsuki will perform at FeeL HI Vol.1, on December 18th at Shibuya Chelsea Hotel (Tokyo, Japan). Satsuki was the artist invited for Râmen Events’ 7th anniversary, the very last one, just before Râmen and HIGHFeeL became the same company. We are happy to have him back for the 10 years. Let’s find out more about Satsuki. 

  • You will play at the event “FeeL Hi Vol.1” on Dec.18th in Shibuya, Japan, it’s the first time all the “REALive/Râmen Events/HIGHFeeL” artists and friends play together. How do you feel about it?
Yes this is first time for all of us to meet on the same stage, in our homeland, so I think it is very interesting and exciting.
Of course I have performed at the same events as Mikaru and his band before, in Japan, but it’s almost 10 years ago ! With X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus, we shared the stage in Europe before, but never at Japan! For the rest of the artists it’s a first time so I look forward to it.
  • You performed a lot abroad and have a big experience as an international artist. Is it important for you to export you art and music?
I think, for every artist, to be able to export their art and music all over the world is a dream coming true. And this was my childhood’s dream. I wanted to become a singer ever since I can remember myself. Of course one of the reasons I make music, or any other form of art, is most of all to express myself and my thought about what is happening to me and around me. And when I create something for a song, paint or accessories I wish my creation to reach others and make them feel more happy, more relaxed, more excited, less sad, and finally not alone. Art is made to be shared and to reach everyone. It can’t be hidden.
  • You release now a new single, ZERO, can you tell us more about it? What can we expect this time and what are the future plans?
ZERO is a music piece created during the time I did my tour “EPOCALIPSE” and while I visited a lot of places and countries. It’s then that I saw the differences of culture and I witnessed all the hard times happening now everywhere in the world. It’s a song based on conflicts between people,  on how easy it can be for us to feel weak when a person with not good… let’s say “energy” comes in our life and affect it. But at the same time, it is a song to remind us that even when we feel weak we can also become stronger from this.
I hope this song will make people feel stronger and have faith in their power.
For the future all I can say is that ZERO is the “key” song to my upcoming music production, that will be released in 2018.
I choose to perform this song at the [Feel Hi] event and before my release day because I will be among friends and people I respect and this is the reason to feel really good and strong.
I will start from ZERO at this [Feel Hi] event and we will see what the future will bring.