3 questions with Charlie from X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus

Charlie is the leader of the loud rock band X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus. He’s also a very special person for us, as the best friend of Shota, the founder of HIGHFeeL and tour manager of XMAS in 2015. Charlie is one of the strongest supporters of any of HIGHFeeL and REALive’s projects, and we are more than happy to have him (and his brilliant band!) at FeeL Hi Vol1, our first event in Japan, on December 18th n Shibuya Chelsea Hotel. An event he partly coordinated.

  • Charlie, you will play at the event “Feel Hi Vol.1” on Dec.18 in Shibuya, Japan, it’s the first time all the “REALive/Râmen Events/HIGHFeeL” artists and friends play together. How do you feel about it?

Actually I really wanted to be able to make an event together with everyone from the team! I am totally looking forward to it!

  • You started your international activity in 2015. Why did you decide to become an international band? How is it important for you? What is your best memory in Europe?

The influence of Shota is very big when it comes to our international activities. I could not even think of having shows abroad without him and the opportunity he gave me.
The best memories I have in Europe are during the festival Japan Touch in Lyon.
And I also enjoyed driving with my friends all over Europe!

  • Can you introduce your current or upcoming projects? Do you prepare some new songs or another international tour?

I would like to make another album and go to an European tour again in 2018!
Next year I am planning to perform with the band in various countries, even outside of Europe.
Everyone in the world, please wait for us!