Short interview with Mikaru!


Mikaru also coordinated the event “Feel Hi!” in Japan, at Shibuya Chelsea Hotel on December 18th. The singer, composer, painter and designer Mikaru collaborates with Râmen Events, then REALive, since 2007. He’s one of our best partners and friends, besides being an amazing and multi-talented artist. 

  • You will play at the event “Feel Hi Vol.1” on Dec.18 in Shibuya, Japan, it’s the first time all the “REALive/Râmen Events/HIGHFeeL” artists and friends play together. How do you feel about it? 

First of all, I’m delighted to be able to participate in this wonderful event. I think this kind of event can only be achieved for HIGHFeeL&REAlive.
This is a special event for me too.

So I’m thinking of doing a special set list.

If I was not on stage, I would definitely go there as a guest.
This event is like a chocolate box of various kinds of tastes.
Please try them all!

  • What is your best memory of working in Europe with Râmen Events & REAlive? 

The tours always come with a very hard schedule. I like that. But sometimes I don’t know where I am.

One day, I did a show in a city in Germany. At the end of the show, I said… “Merci!!!” (Oops!!)

  • Why did you decide to become an international artist?

Because I’m a cosmic singer!

  • Can you introduce your current or upcoming projects? Do you prepare some new songs, new artistic project? Can we expect you somewhere in the world soon? 

I strongly hope so. I have plenty of plans. I don’t have enough time everyday. I invite you to my world. Let’s become one with me.