3 questions with haru!

haru, the leader of the band universe, will perform at the event “FeeL Hi Vol1” as well. This young artist started his solo activities in Europe in August 2017, with REALive. Let’s find more about this talented composer and singer!

  • You will play at the event “Feel Hi Vol.1” on Dec.18 in Shibuya, Japan, it’s the first time all the “REALive/Râmen Events/HIGHFeeL” artists and friends play together. How do you feel about it?
REALive /RâmenEvents / HIGHFeeLのアーティスト達は映像や音源でしか聴いた事が無いけど、とてもクールなアーティストばかりで、共演が最高に楽しみ‼︎最高の夜を約束するよ‼︎
I must admit that I don’t know the other artists yet, only by image! They are very cool artists and it will be fun to share the stage with them! I’ll do my best to make it a great night!
  • You started lately your international activity. Why did you decide to become an international artist? How is it important for you?
I love international music since a long time and I believe that music is connected across languages, cultures and borders. For me, overseas activities are as important as my activities in Japan!
  • Can you introduce your current or upcoming projects? Do you prepare some new songs, new artistic project? Will you keep the solo concept or the band? Or both?
Now I am planning a solo project with new band members!I’m looking forward to introduce my new sound to the audience, and I’ll do it at the show on 18th!