3 questions with miu. !

_MGL0988He is our newest artist, and we got to know him in Poland, at the event Japanicon! Miu. is a young singer, composer, actor and cosplayer. After having spent few months in the UK to learn English, he decided to start to perform in Europe! Let’s welcome miu. in our team and support him!

  • Hello Miu. !
    You will play at the event “Feel Hi Vol.1” on Dec.18 in Shibuya, Japan, it’s the first time all the “REALive/Râmen Events/HIGHFeeL” artists and friends play together. How do you feel about it?

I am very excited to take part in this event and I am looking forward to performing.

  • You started lately your international activity. Why did you decide to become an international artist? How is it important for you?

I have decided to become an international artist because I am interested in different cultures and communicating with a lot of people. I would like to share my music not only with Japanese but also people who have different experience and views. It is very important for me. That is why I have started to perform abroad.

  • Can you introduce your current or upcoming projects? Do you prepare some new songs, new artistic project? Will you keep the solo concept or the band? Or both?

Currently I perform on the stage as solo artist. I wouldn’t say I will keep the solo concept or the band or both at this moment.. I can say “only God knows!!”