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HIGHFeeL and its booking division, REALive is a music production company located in Belgium. Counting partners all around Europe and Japan, our small team works to bring Asian bands in Europe since 2007 by producing their CDs and organizing tours in many locations.
Our policy is to offer affordable tickets to the fans and fair conditions and percentages to our artists. Touring involves many costs: from transportation, equipment, accommodation, food, venues and promotion.
As we are uninterested in commercial sponsorship, this Patreon page was created for you to support our events and releases, if you want and, of course, if you can. None of the collected money will be available for personal use. 100% of it will be injected in the global HIGHFeel/REALive project.

How does it work? Patreon is a form of crowdfunding, allowing artists, labels, creators to receive monthly donations (from a few € to more) from their “Patrons” (you?). The “Patrons” receive rewards, CDs, personal messages…

What can you receive? (rewards vary according to the donation):

  • In any case: our eternal love and gratitude!
  • But also:

– You’ll get a huge digital hug and the “patreon-only” posts about our projects!  We’ll add some video messages from our artists once in a while!

–  You’ll receive some our new digital releases for free!

–  You’ll receive all our new CDs for free!

–  You’ll get some surprise gifts from our tour merch!

– You’ll get a 20% Discount Code for our webshop!

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