Madmans Esprit in Europe: Tour and EP!

Madmans Esprit is a post/progressive black metal/ visual-kei project based in Seoul, Korea !


1. Ich bin die Kunst
2. Raison d’être
3. Spiral Agony
4. Deny
5. Suicidol


Tour dates:

Post Black Metal + Visual Kei – Madmans Esprit – from Seoul and Berlin Madmans Esprit is a post black metal + visual kei project based in Seoul and Berlin.
The band released its first full-length album ‚NACHT‘  in 2014. Their new full-length ‚ 무의식의 의식화‘ (Conscientization of unconsciousness) was released in October 2018.
In ‚NACHT‘ the band combined various sub-genres of black metal with shoegazing-guitar melodies in neo-classical sense and emotional, sometimes even operatic clean vocals you would expect to hear from Japanese visual bands. The album delivers a big dynamic of emotions. From folky nylon guitar to suicidal lo-fi black metal, the darkness holds its breath and it bursts out with a cry.
After the band moved to Berlin, they successfully toured in Europe, including Stockholm, Sweden in 2017. With the release of ‚무의식의 의식화‘, they are going to have an Asian tour. Compared to NACHT, ‚무의식의 의식화‘ (Conscientization of unconsciousness) has much broader influences from different genres, one can even smell the slight scent from post-punk and indierock, a bit of Radiohead, too. It is still very depressive and dark, aggressive music but like yellow in a van Gogh can be very sad, the spectrum of emotions in the album has a very wide range of colors in its own way. Some parts, like the vocal canon in the song ‚a day in black‘ and grindcorelike instrumentals coexisting with the emotional fugue in ‚악마들의 무도회‘ show that the band is completely fearless to deconstruct genres in order to express their concept DSBP – „depressive suicidal blackened pop“.

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