HITT: “My dreams and ambitions have remained unchanged”

Can you please talk about your musical journey and describe your music genre/world, currently?

HITT : 奇跡的で面白い出会いが交わり、俺は2009年からヨーロッパでのキャリアをスタートさせることができました。




By a series of miraculous and interesting encounters, I was able to pursue a career in Europe since 2009. Perhaps Jrock was more popular when I was active in Europe, and the venues were full everywhere. In these circumstances, we were able to achieve concerts in 22 countries.

So I think I was very lucky. And every year I went to Europe, so I felt that the Jrock boom was fading. It was a good experience to know that. I am especially grateful to the promoters from all over the world who have invited me, even after the boom of jrock, and the fans who have always been waiting (I call them HITTERS).

For those people, my dreams and ambitions to succeed in Japan have remained unchanged.

Can you let us know what to expect from your show on Nov 25th?

HITT : I have a simple answer for this question. I want Japanese people to know artists who have worked hard, on the music fiels, overseas.

You are a part of the history of Ramen Events or HIGHFeeL, and you spent some time in Europe. Soon you’ll perform all together in Japan. How do you feel about it? Can you remind some memories of your career in Europe?

HITT : 俺はRamen Eventsのボスとそのチームとは10年の付き合いになります。故に沢山の思い出があります。全てが記憶に残り、その思い出と経験が確実に人生の自信になっています。ありがとうございます。





I have been working with Ramen Events bosses for 10 years. So there are many memories. I remember many things, and these memories and experiences are surely giving me confidence in life. Thank you very much. There may also be some troubles, which is common to all the people who have been working abroad.

Some musicians have challenged Europe a few years before me. I was able to work in Europe because they paved the way and succeeded there. I think this event is very precious.