3 questions : Satsuki

He has a beautiful career, a fantastic voice and a long history in Europe! He’ll be at Feel Hi! on Nov25th too! Let’s meet… Satsuki!
Can you please talk about your musical journey and describe your music genre/world, currently?
When the band RENTRER EN SOI disbanded in 2008, I continued as a solo artist.
The 2016 double release EPOCALYPSE fired energy and aggressiveness with influences from both Alternative Rock as well as Dent / Progressive Metal. In contrast to the Rock and Metal vibes, I adapted Trap in REBOOT ( 2019), focussing on lyrics delivered in the clarity of Rap.
Can you let us know what to expect from your show on Nov 25th? 
I collaborate with some of these artists for the first time and I will have an opportunity to sing in front of a new audience.
I will choose few ballad as set list.  I put all my soul on it!
You are all part of the history of Ramen Events or HIGHFeeL, and you spent some time in Europe. Soon you’ll perform all together in Japan. How do you feel about it? Can you remind some memories of your career in Europe?
When I started my career as a musicien,  one of my dream was to sing in many countries. Performing in Europe has an important meaning for me.  It influences my lyrics and music, a lot.
Feel Hi vol.2 will bring European vibes. I am so exciting to perform in this Event. New chemistry may happen!