Upcoming Tours with haru, SVGV and S!N

Dear media partners, customers and friends, once again, thank you for your support to all the projects HIGHFeeL and its booking division REALive carried and achieved during the first half of the year 2017. While we were busy with the promotion of PLASTICZOOMS, the recording and release of their album, their incredible tour, the amazing tour “10th anniversary” with G.L.A.M.S and Mikaru, we could always … Continue reading Upcoming Tours with haru, SVGV and S!N

S!N: new album available (shop)

We are glad to begin collaborating with Japanese singer and composer S!N for his first tour in Europe. S!N is quickly gaining popularity in Japan thanks to his music, tours and strong internet presence, and we are honored to introduce his project to an international audience. We’ll organize the first solo shows of S!N for September 2017. His new album, Of All, will be released … Continue reading S!N: new album available (shop)

MIKARU on tour in Europe + new album

May-June 2017 – A Queen of the Night Tour 2017 10 years after our first collaboration with Mikaru, we are glad to announce his tour 2017 with the project G.L.A.M.S. Gathering some ex-members of DIO and Black Line around Mikaru as the producer and leader, G.L.A.M.S is releasing a brand new album titled « A Queen of the Night ». This album will be pre-released exclusively for the … Continue reading MIKARU on tour in Europe + new album