Shota Yokoyama:”Sakelime” now available

The very first project made by Shota Yokoyama was the maxi-single “Circle”, by the band Sakelime, a pop unit composed of Shota on composition/guitar and female singer tomoco on vocals. The CD was since 2011 distributed only in Japan, but is now avalaible for the international customers to purchase, in a limited amount. In his “Sakelime” era, Shota was already surrounded by the same team: … Continue reading Shota Yokoyama:”Sakelime” now available

Shota Yokoyama |”Melting” will be released on November 30

It took us two years to be able to listen to Shota’s songs again, then compile, edit and release this CD. This unfinished album is one of our most difficult projects, emotionally speaking, but we knew we had to do it – for him, for us, for the fans. So here is Melting, the last gift from Shota Yokoyama, beloved husband, son, friend, artist and … Continue reading Shota Yokoyama |”Melting” will be released on November 30