Galaxy7 back on stage thanks to the European fans!

Galaxy7 paused his activities for 5 years, and came back on stage thanks to his European fans. Next week, he’ll be on stage at Feel Hi! Vol2 !!

-can you please talk about your musical journey and describe your music genre / world, currently?

My music genre is Alternative.Electro, Rock.

-can you let us know what to expect from your show on Nov 25th?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on track mixes and arrangements for the moment, and trying to make a better live, I think my work has changed a lot!

-you are all part of the history of Ramen Events or HIGHFeeL, and you spent some time in Europe. Soon you’ll perform all together in Japan. How do you feel about it?

I looked at the lineup, but I ’m a little afraid because they are just so famous! And even though the order of appearance was decided by lottery, I think it will be a little uncomfortable for Galaxy7 to play last among all these artists. The tour in Europe was really really really nice and fun. Galaxy 7 has been inactive for five years since 2013, and was revived in 2018 because all European fans are still supporting us. I was so glad about it. So I really have a special feeling in Europe…

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